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I’ve been building websites for about six years now. I started designing in Milan which lead me to London and now I'm back in my hometown of Christchurch. I offer a complete service from project management and idea generation to design, development and marketing. And let me tell you a little secret: you really don’t need a big agency to get you and your business online.

The truth is that the web has changed dramatically over recent years. The tools for getting your business online have become more affordable and easier to use. You used to need a whole team of geeks to connect the dots - now you just need one. And I'm hoping that you choose me to be that geek. Whether it's getting a simple brochure-style website or selling to the world, it doesn't have to cost tens of thousands of dollars to get you there. Platforms like Shopify, Craft, Ghost and Wordpress make it easier than ever to get started. Let me show you how I can get your business online easily and affordably.

Some people ask me why I don’t work full-time in an agency. And the answer is that I like my creative independence too much. Being independent allows me to work differently. I get to try my hand at the latest technology. I get to focus on implementing new ideas and new thinking in my everyday work. I’m able to build tomorrow’s websites today simply by deciding I want to - no permission necessary. And this independence brings results. New technology brings smarter, quicker and more affordable ways of doing things.

I've worked with many businesses over the last year or so in Christchurch who tell me that it's just easier using me. I'm more affordable, personable, reliable. I'm always just a friendly phone call away. I won't tell you that I'll get back to you when I've talked to the coder or the designer because I am the coder and the designer.

So let's go for a coffee. A free, no obligation brainstorming session. We can discuss your options and bounce some ideas. I'm honest, energetic and more than certain we can find something to match your business and budget.

  • We approached Alex with a clear brief: to update our landing page. We were very expressed with the additional support we received as we developed through the process. The end product was very sleak & professional. We appreciated the quick turnaround of changes, despite being in London.

  • I've worked with Alex on three projects - one was a major revitalisation of an existing website. His work is fresh, innovative, dynamic and economical. He knows how to effectively take a concept from inception through to launch and won't cut any corners along the way.

  • We approached Alex with a rough design and asked him to build us a clean, efficient and user-friendly website that fitted within our budget. His technical expertise and creative input was invaluable during the process, and we have since been provided with impeccable follow up service.

  • Kelly P, Buick Executive Assistant
  • Kate F, The Travelite Founder
  • Tom K, Tommy Taco Managing Director

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